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“Lyrical, disturbing, erotic, The Tryst resembles the novels of Hanif Kureishi or Milan Kundera at their most subversive. It is a provocative, intellectually engaged novella, forever aware that the soma can never entirely be divorced from the psyche,”

Jude Cook, the Times Literary Supplement

“The Tryst is no contender for the Bad Sex Award: the sexual descriptions walk the line between transcendent and plain dirty with perfect judgment. This is a tightly structured, sharp portrait of contemporary coupledom doused in sex that is hot but never sadistic or explorative. All three characters are changed by their experiences of each other and, although the sex succeeds in arousing the reader. The intellectual stimulus is the bigger turn on,”

Jane Housham, The Guardian.

 “Monique Roffey is the alchemist of sex: she names its components unflinchingly, yet creates an irresistible violent urgency. Roffey moves in so close that all is ‘cascades’ of vicious liquid, colour, smell. It is inescapable; it is stage lit; it is the money shot; it is fearless. Her lack of hesitation builds a world of sexual intensity. And yet, and yet, her prose is poetic, dreamy at times, as she weaves together mystery with the mundane and sexual ravening with ensuring love,”

Elizabeth Spiller, The Amorist

“Mixing psychological thrills and magic realism, Roffey pushes irresistibly at the boundaries of marriage, desire and female sexuality,”

Sharmaine Lovegrove, Elle

“It’s a tricky and delicate subject matter as many couples privately struggle with issues of sex. Roffey offers fascinating insights with this outrageously imaginative tale of untamed lust and a fantasy that quickly turns into a nightmare….The narrative switches between each character’s perspective showing how each of them frequently misinterprets the motives and responses of the others. This makes a really interesting portrait of a sexual encounter where so much is based on signals which can be horrendously misinterpreted. It also poignantly shows how the outcome of realizing sexual fantasies is far different from how we imagined.”

Eric Karl Anderson, The Lonesome Reader

“The Tryst is an idiosyncratic beast: part literary psychodrama and part erotic misadventure, it’s neither pure fantasy nor down-and-dirty realism, but a weirdly compelling amalgam of a sexy fairytale and a portrait of a troubled marriage. …If you’re looking for egalitarian sexy times in fiction, this seems like a pretty good place to start. More interesting, though – or so we thought – was the exploration of Jane and Bill’s relationship. Roffey takes the idea of love and, like the Greeks, spits it into eros and agape (desire and possession versus unconditional and selfless); what Jane feels for Bill is agape (it’s pure, it’s adoration, it’s ‘holy’) but what Lilah represents is full-on eros. Roffey’s getting us to consider whether one relationship can accommodate both; whether love can work as a unified concept.” 

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Book Reviews

“The Tryst is a sly, feral, witty, offbeat erotic novella that unsettles the reader, even as it arouses. There are sex scenes of breath-taking audacity. What would any of us do if an irresistible sex daemon broke and entered our domestic lives, leaving havoc in her amoral wake?”

Rowan Pelling, editor, The Amorist

“I’ve read The Tryst and was enormously entertained and impressed. It’s wild and witching, at once contemporary and atavistic, with an anarchic
sexual energy running through it and a startling frankness, not only about sex, but about love and relationships, gender and power ... a daring write and a consuming read.”

Bidisha, writer and broadcaster

“While The Tryst offers magic and sensuality aplenty, it lays bare the violence that heteronormative couples will do to ‘others’ to keep the home system stoked. It can be read as a fable about intimacy and erotic power. Disturbingly, it can also be read as a fable about the socially established vs. the disposable.”

Vahni Capildeo, poet, Forward Prize winner

“The Tryst summons your inner whore and demands she be honoured.”

Empress Stah, cabaret theatre performer

“A Midsummer’s Night Dream meets erotic thriller in this captivating romp through the senses. ... Monique Roffey perfectly captures the inner worlds of both the un-fucked housewife and the archetypal slut in this wonderful tale exploring the power of sexuality, erotic magnetism and the changing face of human relationships.”

Seani Love, Sex Worker of the Year, 2015

“Monique Roffey’s The Tryst successfully straddles mythology and erotica to create a journey towards pleasure.”

Suzanne Portnoy, author of The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker

“Sexy, lyrical and unashamed, The Tryst is a powerful slice of modern erotica which blends sexual magick with today’s hectic world of male-female relationships.”

Vina Jackson, author of Eighty Days Yellow

“Sexy as hell. A cross between the work of Angela Carter and Anaïs Nin, The Tryst weaves the urban and the modern with dark myth. Roffey is a risk taking andmasterful storyteller.A”

J Malloy, author of The Story of X