The Tryst

London, midsummer night. Jane and Bill meet the mysterious Lilah in a bar. She entrances the couple with half-true, mixed up tales about her life. At closing time, Jane makes an impulsive decision to invite Lilah back to their home. But Jane has made a catastrophic error of judgment, for Lilah is a skilled and ruthless predator, the likes of which few encounter in a lifetime. Isolated and cursed, Jane and Bill are forced to fight for each other, and, in doing so, discover their covert desires.

Part psychological thriller, part contemporary magical realism, The Tryst revisits the tale of Adam’s first wife, Lilith, to examine the secrets of an everyday marriage. 


House of Ashes

Shortlisted, COSTA Award, Fiction, 2015

Shortlisted, OCM BOCAS Award for Caribbean Literature, 2015

Set on the fictional island of Sans Amen, this is the story of a botched coup d’état told from the point of view of a gunman and a hostage. Ashes, a spiritually ambitious and conscientious gunman, soon finds himself way out of his depth in the House of Power where a plan to overthrow the government backfires immediately. Aspasia Garland, a minister taken hostage, tries to keep her calm amongst the mayhem, and finds her mothering instincts help her survive amongst the boy soldiers. Breeze, a teenager swept up, survives the chaos and comes out of hiding decades later to confront his crime and ask questions about the nature of power.



Winner OCM BOCAS award for Caribbean Literature, 2013

Shortlisted, The Orion Award, 2014

Following a devastating flood in Trinidad, Gavin Weald, his six-year-old daughter Océan, and their elderly pit bull Suzy, take to the high seas on an old boat called Romany. They leave Port of Spain on a whim during rainy season, their destination a fantasy archipelago, the Galapagos. On their voyage west across the globe they sail through nine countries, most of them island states, picking up the capable skipper Phoebe, a fourth member of crew. As Gavin and Océan grieve their loss, they encounter the vastness of the sea and come to terms with the natural disaster which changed their lives in Trinidad. They arrive in the Galapagos a day before an earthquake erupts on the other side of the world, triggering a massive wave on course to hit the tiny archipelago, where they have safely anchored Romany.


The White Woman on the Green Bicycle

Shortlisted, The Orange Prize, 2010 and the Encore Award, 2011

This novel tells the story of Sabine and George Harwood, a French woman and a British man who arrive as newly-weds in Trinidad at the end of the colonial era. It is 1956 and Trinidad’s new and enigmatic leader Eric Williams has set up the PNM, the first popular people’s party, and is canvassing for votes and for change. Sabine listens to Williams’ speeches at the University of Woodford Sqaure, hears him proclaim Massa Day Done, and knows it is time to leave. George, on the other hand, plans to stay in Trinidad, forever. As Sabine recounts her early years, and confesses her secret letter writing habit to Eric Williams, the reader is drawn into her personal feelings of disillusionment about the many political failures of the island’s independence era. 


With the Kisses of his Mouth

After a broken love affair, aged forty-one, Roffey went in search of the rich and varied sex life she felt she deserved. Documenting her journey away from the heterosexual norm, Roffey explores the fringes of a more conscious and sex positive world. There are sex-soirees and sex clubs, tantric workshops, BDSM, a trip to the swingers’ resort in Cap D’Agde, a brief encounter with neo-native American sex practice known as Quodooshka and a pilgrimage to a sacred cave in the south of France where Mary Magdalene is said to have hidden after the crucifixion of her lover, Jesus Christ. The title of this memoir is taken from the first line of the Song of Solomon, and the memoir asks if this ancient all-embracing brother/lover type model of a love affair is too idealistic to achieve in the contemporary Western world.


Sun Dog

Set in a delicatessen in West London, sun dog tells the tale of August Chalmin, awkward, ginger-haired, fatherless and love-struck, who, one winter morning, wakes up covered in frost. Over the course of the following year, as the seasons change, and as he discovers the true story of his birth, his body slowly erupts in buds, blossoms and ultimately total hair loss. As August heals, as his body harmonises with the world around him, his past becomes resolved and love becomes possible. In this novel, cheeses talk, men dance alone, and somewhere a double sun in the sky, a trick of light known as a sundog, hints at a hidden identity.